Initial Audio – 808 Studio 2 v2.1.1 STANDALONE, VSTi, VSTi3, AAX x64

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808 Bass Synthesizer !
The 808 Studio 2 was designed around the cutting-edge 808 subwoofer. Perfect for hip-hop and trap or any genre requiring a strong bass synth.
With 808 studio 2, we’ve taken it one step further by adding advanced features such as drag-and-drop modulation for advanced synthesis and an advanced sequencer that lets you layer notes for classic trap pitch-sliding. 808 Studio 2 can inspire you to create your next beat with the simple touch of a single key. 808 Studio 2 can now also load samples, drag them into the sampler, or choose from the many included Kick and 808 samples. Several high-quality and advanced effects are built in, such as a 3-band EQ and an epic-sounding Chorus analog filter that can only be applied to the top frequencies, so the sub-batch remains clean.
808 Studio 2 comes with 80 presets to get you started. It’s very easy to change any sound to your liking, and it will sound good without much effort. From clean subwoofers to low and dirty basses, the 808 Studio is the perfect bass synthesizer for the task.

Studio 808 features
808 Bass Synth: Create an 808-style bass and subwoofer
. Sampler: Drag and drop your own samples into the sampler, or choose from the included samples.
Sub Osc: Ideal for adding extra low frequencies. Includes bold mode and overdrive.
Oscillators: Two additional oscillators with their own dedicated low-pass filter.
Sequencer: 808 studio has its own built-in sequencer and comes with a lot of sequences to get you started.
Modulation Drag and Drop: Dive deeper into sound design by assigning Mod Envelopes or LFOs to virtually any control.
Effect Rack: 5 effects available. Effects can be moved up or down the rack. Effects: Overdrive/Distortion, Compressor, 3-band EQ, Chorus and Filter containing both highpass and lowpass.
Sidechain: The sidechain uses the sample as a source and “mutes” the volume of the rest of the oscillators and the subwoofer. This is useful if you have a Kick sample and want the transition part to cut through to hit harder.
Preset Browser: Choose from different banks, create your own banks and presets to share with others.
Fully resizable HD interface: drag the bottom right corner to make the 808 bass synthesizer the perfect size for your screen.
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