Heavyocity – Vocalise 3 (KONTAKT)

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BEYOND EMOTION Immerse yourself in this evocative, atmospheric and moving vocal experience. Vocalise 3 is an emotional exploration that reveals the beauty, intimacy and deep power of the human voice. From organic phrases to abstract whispers and haunting soundscapes, this is a subtle hybrid vocal that transcends emotion.
A variety of additional rhythmic and breathy loops can be used individually to add moving vocal elements, or combined to create unique textures.
With major and minor modes and four different keys, give your score all the versatility you could wish for. This collection of tempo-synced melodic phrases can be tuned to the key of your choice.
Single and moving vowels, multi-sampled across the entire singing range, allow for numerous vowel combinations that are rich in timbre and, when modulated, can offer a wealth of rich chordal textures.
The fusion of music and sound design delivers unique atmospheres, harmonics and textures while adding subtle vocal undertones that will elevate your cue.


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