Strezov Sampling – BALKAN Ethnic Orchestra (KONTAKT)

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The ultimate Ethnic Orchestra in your hands! This extensive collection of never-sampled instruments and an inspiring sound palette gives you access to the finest folk soloists from the Balkans.
BALKAN Ethnic Orchestra is a unique and fresh collection giving you access to a huge selection of Eastern European soloists. The Balkan Ethnic Orchestra includes everything you need to write real Eastern European Balkan music. From expressive folk instruments and the famous Balkan sound of brass to ethnic vocal quartet and solo percussion. And it’s all in your hands.
Each instrument in this collection has been recorded with the same attention to detail as our other libraries, with multiple mic positions, various short and long articulations, expressive phrases, true polyphonic legato, and various ensemble sizes.
Recorded in Sofia Session Studio using high quality recording equipment and the same approach to liveliness and realism as our Next Generation choir series, the Balkan Ethnic Orchestra inspires you right away.

Authentic Ethnic Orchestra from the Balkan region recorded in Sofia Session Studio
Two microphone positions close and hall recorded through high-end recording equipment + custom convolution reverb
All performances combined in playable and easy to use patches with special attention towards the natural expression of the soloist
Over 40 of the finest Ethnic Folklore Soloists from the Balkans (Wind, Bowed and Plucked String and Brass Instruments, Vocal Quartet and Percussion Soloists) with various ornamented short and long articulations including multiple True Legato recordings
True Polyphonic Legato Ethnic Quartet Choir featuring Agile Legato for 10 syllables in three different speeds, special layer of ‘shake’ sustain singing for all patches and the Syllabuilder Version 3 from the Next Generation Choir Series Full deeply sampled Balkan Brass Band Special percussion section
Ethnic Percussion Players using the X3M Percussion Engine
Organic Futuristic and Fantasy Pads created from the recordings of BALKAN
Powered by Native Instrument’s free Kontakt Player and NKS compatible

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