8Dio – Insolidus Choir (KONTAKT, NKX)

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Insolidus is the brainchild of composer and producer Troels Folmann, Academy Award, TEC and GANG Award winner. Insolidus is a new generation choral library designed for light, lyrical and expressive choral parts. It pioneered the use of expressive polyphonic legato to perform complex chord and syllabic progressions in the same patch.
[*] – Insolidus can sound like a soft distant light on a quiet snowy night. This is a modern orchestral choir suitable for epic and emotional compositions, for insinuating and soothing sound textures, or as the beginning of a classical piece.
[*] – At the heart of Insolidus are 40 male and 25 female voices chosen by chief conductor Petr Polonanik. Recording sessions were held over several weeks with a completely new approach to sampling, which will allow you to work with the choir quickly and easily. We didn’t skimp and ended up with over 89GB of choir audio material, losslessly compressed to 37GB.
[*] – New recording and sampling techniques have been applied to Insolidus, making it the most realistic, ready to play from the moment of loading and the most lyrical symphony choir library in existence. In it you will find new types of articulations such as Arc Syllables. These are natural growing arches and the ability to adjust the consecutive number of syllables in one arch (2, 3 or 4). You are provided with a deep assortment of new vowel combinations, dynamically sampled in velocity and with natural rise. Multi-vowels can also have different rhythmic accentuations. Velocity based True Legato available for Ah, Eh, Oh and Uh. There are short notes and sustain articulation. Insolidus contains an advanced phrase builder that allows you to create up to 64 lines of syllables.
[*] – Insolidus has 8 mic positions (Mix, Decca, Far, Wide and Spot 1-4) and 37.506 samples. It is based on a huge set of carefully sampled articulations. And the advanced phrase builder allows you to create absolutely realistic vocal lines.

•37.500 Samples. 89GB HDD (compressed to 37.2GB)
•4 Hall Microphones (Mixed, Decca, Wide, Far)
•4 Spot Microphones (Spot 1, Spot 2, Spot 3, Spot 4)
•Advanced Phrase-Sequencer (up to 64 phrases)
• 27 Syllable Arcs (2, 3 and 4 Syllables)
•20 Dynamic (MW) Multi-Vowels in 3/4
•32 Dynamic (MW) Multi-Vowels in 4/4
•True Legato (MW) (PP/MF/FF) (Ah, Oh, Eh, Uh)
•24 Shorts, Sustains and Tonal Effects

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