Sample Magic – Old Skool Garage (MIDI, WAV, SERUM, ASTRA, BEATMAKER)

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Overview of Old Skool Garage Rapid 2-step rhythms, classic house workouts, hard bass, and rough melodies come together in this collection. It’s a sonic time capsule inspired by the iconic sounds of UK mainstream rave culture combined with contemporary production and sound design, offering a nostalgic journey for House and Garage fans.

Features of Old Skool Garage

  • Hundreds of skippy 2-step grooves, drums, and bendy b-lines.
  • Classic keyboards, old school organs, vinyl dipped music stacks, and re-sampled soulful vocals.
  • Offers a range of WAV, MIDI, Drum Hits, Astra Patches, Serum Presets, and Beatmaker Kits.
  • Expertly crafted and curated to capture the energy of UK dance music’s most influential era.
  • Utilizes classic analog and retro gear for an authentic collection of raw and pumped instruments.
  • Recorded every loop and one-shot on a reel-to-reel tape recorder and onto vinyl for an authentic retro warmth and dusty sound.


  • 212 Loops
  • 167 One Shots
  • 56 MIDIs
  • 25 Serum presets
  • 15 Astra presets
  • 5 Beatmaker presets

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