X10 – Melodic Sauce Kit Vol 1 (WAV)

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Overview of “Trap and Hip-Hop Melodic Loops” Immerse yourself in a handpicked selection of trap and hip-hop melodic loops that are bound to ignite instant inspiration for your beats. This collection offers a range of melodic elements including flutes, plucks, bells, and pianos, along with intro songs and creatively oversampled loops. Perfectly suited for trap, drill, and all contemporary hip-hop styles.

Features of “Trap and Hip-Hop Melodic Loops”

  • Diverse collection of melodic loops to fuel your creativity.
  • Includes flutes, plucks, bells, pianos, intro songs, and oversampled loops.
  • Designed for trap, drill, and various modern hip-hop styles.

Technical Details for “Trap and Hip-Hop Melodic Loops”

  • Content: 130 Samples
    • 11 Flute Loops
    • 29 Melody Loops
    • 20 Piano Loops
    • 19 Pluck Loops
    • 14 Resampled Loops
    • 23 Song Starters
    • 14 Synth Bells Loops

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