Sonimus – Plugins Bundle v2023.10 VST, VST3, AAX x86 x64

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Overview of Sonimus Products

Sonimus products are the result of careful research and practical development. They are known for their unique technologies that enable accurate emulations of vintage equipment. These emulations are highly regarded in recording studios, mastering, the recording industry, and post-production.

Features of Included Plugins

  1. TuCo-1.0.1 – Compressor Plugin

    • TuCo Compressor is designed to provide analog compression character effortlessly. It is based on Vari-Mu tube technology and offers a clean, warm, and crisp sound.
    • The interface is user-friendly, and it comes with advanced mixing features.
    • TuCo instantly adds stickiness and sound density to your tracks.
  2. A-Console-1.0.0 – 3D Audio Engine

    • A-Console is a powerful software engine that creates a full 3D audio experience.
    • It adds punch, smoothness, and clarity to audio tracks.
    • Designed for use on individual channels and bus groups, it offers enormous audio enhancement capabilities.
    • It includes two crosstalk modes, Vintage and Modern, for achieving distinct sound qualities.
  3. Britson1.1.1-rv2 – Analog Mixing Console Emulation

    • Britson is designed to emulate the workflow and sonic character of analog mixing consoles.
    • It draws inspiration from the classic 8014 console while having its own unique personality.
    • Britson delivers a warm, open, and three-dimensional sound.
  4. Burnley73-1.0.1 – Mic Preamp Emulation

    • Burnley 73 is inspired by one of the most sought-after mic preamps.
    • It recreates the characteristics of the original 1073 preamp, including EQ bands and filter sections.
    • It offers the unique features of line and mic inputs.
  5. Satson-1.3.1 – Console Emulation

    • Satson emulates the legendary sound of a famous British console.
    • It provides console workflow features, including analog metering, gain control, saturation, and stereo crosstalk.
    • Combining Satson Channel and Buss enhances the size and presence of audio tracks.
  6. SatsonCS-1.1.0 – Virtual Mixing Environment

    • Satson CS combines the efficiency of channel strips with the flexibility of a virtual rack.
    • It allows the combination and rearrangement of up to eight Satson channel modules, StonEQ, and a custom-built bus compressor in one plugin.
    • It provides the power and flexibility of a renowned British console.
  7. SonEQ2-1.0.0 – Modular Equalizer

    • SonEQ2 is an innovative modular equalizer that can be customized to create a unique analog-style EQ.
    • It allows easy addition, removal, and rearrangement of modules to find the best combination for your work.
    • Each band module incorporates the qualities of world-class equalizers for analog warmth and clarity.
  8. SonEQPro-1.0.1 – Charismatic Equalizer Plugin

    • SonEQ Pro combines the best qualities of two popular and charismatic equalizers.
    • It emulates the EQ curves of these analog devices and offers extra drive and warmth through the unique preamp section.
    • This plugin provides a holistic and universal EQ solution.

Installation and Activation Process

  1. Install the Sonimus plugins as instructed.
  2. To activate a plugin, go to the crack folder and run the registry file corresponding to the plugin you want to activate.
  3. If you wish to deactivate a plugin, navigate to the Deactivation folder and run the Remove registry file.

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