Origin Sound – Emo Type Beats (WAV)

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Overview of Emo Type Beats:

Add mood to your tracks with Emo Type Beats. A library of trap and hip-hop designed to bring emotion and storytelling to your productions through deep musical elements and expansive sound design.

Features of Emo Type Beats:

No Trap & Hip Hop compilation would be complete without a solid set of drum beats. Emo Type Beats is no exception, with numerous rhythmic and sonic drum loops that support your beats and never seem outdated. The intricate use of percussion adds a ton of ear candy that can be subtly picked up by the listener. Drum loops are split into either full loops or reduced to percussion, allowing you to switch with your own kick and snare rhythms. Not to mention selecting individual drum beats for those who really like to go into detail when programming their drum beats.

  • A wide selection of music loops, including bass, chord progressions, guitars, vocal lines, and signature song-opening elements.
  • Diverse chord variations and melodies to suit different emotional vibes.
  • Rich and contemporary drum beats, with options for full loops or individual percussion elements.
  • A collection of one-shots, including sound effects, whooshes, and powerful 808 bass hits to enhance your music.

Technical Details and System Requirements:

  • Format: WAV
  • Quality: 24 bit | 44.1 kHz | stereo
  • Total Content: 290 Samples (180 Loops, 110 One-Shots)
  • Tempo Range: 140 to 160 BPM

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