Sample Magic – Beat Abstractions

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Overview of Beat Abstractions:

Beat Abstractions is a music production resource with a focus on delivering unique and unconventional musical elements. This collection features a wide array of sounds, including dirty grooves, dusty drums, raw synths, and distinctive sound design. It embraces the best of underground production techniques, making it an excellent choice for producers in the underground music scene.

Features of Beat Abstractions:

  • Format: Beat Abstractions provides music content in WAV format, as well as presets for Astra and Beatmaker, ensuring flexibility in music production.

  • Quality: The included audio is of high quality, recorded at 24-bit with a 44.1 kHz sample rate, ensuring excellent audio fidelity.

  • Content: This collection includes a variety of musical elements:

    • 204 Loops, offering a diverse range of musical atmospheres and grooves.
    • 117 One Shots, providing individual sound elements for creative use.
    • 20 Astra presets for sound design within the Astra plugin.
    • 5 Beatmaker presets, facilitating beat creation and composition.
  • Musical Styles: Beat Abstractions draws influence from various styles, such as the low-end theoretical scene, left-handed bass, alternative hip-hop, and electronica, making it a versatile resource for producers exploring these genres.

Technical Details:

The content in Beat Abstractions is provided in WAV format, ensuring compatibility with most music production software. To utilize the included presets effectively, you’ll need plugins like Astra and Beatmaker. Ensure that your music production environment supports these formats and plugins for seamless integration.


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