Sample Magic – 12-Bit Grit (WAV, BEATMAKER)

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Overview of 12-Bit Grit Sound Collection

Format: WAV, BEATMAKER Quality: 24 bit 44.1 kHz stereo

Description of the Sound Collection

Raw beats, recycled breaks, dusty drums, and re-sampled melodies: 12-Bit Grit returns with an extensive collection of sounds inspired by the golden era of hip-hop and beat production using exclusively 12-bit equipment designed for sampling enthusiasts. 12-Bit Grit is an ode to bold, forward-thinking production that draws influence from various eras and production techniques of the hip-hop scene, designed to create carefully crafted and curated loops, one-shots, and Beatmaker sets made for today’s music.

Features of the Sound Collection

  • Masterfully crafted and carefully curated
  • 12-Bit Grit was formed from various sessions using the legendary Sound Factory Studio A, with a focus on recording raw breaks and drum hits alongside a variety of source material.
  • The reworking of the source material is the highlight of this package, giving each loop and shot a unique approach with the proper low-grade dust and dirt.
  • At the center of the collection, each drum hit has been carefully polished and processed using 12-bit downsampling and multiple tape deck re-recordings.

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