Alkman – Euclidean sequencer Pro 1.1 Max for Live

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Overview of Euclidean Sequencer Pro

The Euclidean algorithm (which has come down to us from Euclid’s Origins) calculates the greatest common divisor of two integers. The present work demonstrates that the structure of the Euclidean algorithm can be used to very efficiently generate a large family of rhythms used as pulsations (ostinato), in particular in the music of tropical Africa, and in traditional music in general. These rhythms, here called Euclidean rhythms, have the property that their percussion patterns are distributed as evenly as possible.

Features of Euclidean Sequencer Pro

  • In sequencer mode, you can MIDI monitor all notes edited in the sequencer. Toggle monitoring on/off by clicking on the new headphones button.
  • Added semitone up/down transposition buttons for the sequencer mode.
  • Fixed issues with automated preset number box and step duration under free polyrhythm mode.
  • Edited info view text for sequencer mode window.

Technical Details & System Requirements

  • Switch easily between polymeters and polyrhythms.
  • Click and drag on the main UI panel to dial velocity value for each individual note.
  • Comes with “Euclidean Out” for routing MIDI output to Live.
  • Clock divider/multiplier for each voice.
  • Control any accessible parameter in Live by mapping it to any of the four sequencers.
  • Individual note duration for each voice.
  • Scale folding functionality with root note and scale selection.
  • And many more technical features.

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