AOM Factory – Total Bundle v1.17.1 VST, VST3, AAX, CLAP x64

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Optimize Your Sound Work with AOM Corporation’s Professional Software Package

AOM Corporation brings you a comprehensive suite of professional software tools designed to enhance your audio work. Discover these essential additions to your audio toolkit:

1. DeSibilizer:

  • Reduce hissing sounds in vocals and speech with this de-essing plugin.

2. The Invisible Limiter:

  • A transparent pre-limiter with automatic attack/release time optimization.
  • The invisible clipper minimizes the difference between the original and clipped signals, ensuring your material retains its true color during the final mastering step.
  • Experience a subtle reduction that seamlessly enhances your audio quality.

3. Invisible Limiter G2:

  • The loudness war is history, but signal limiting remains crucial in sound tuning.
  • G2’s invisible limiter offers precise user control, inheriting its basic algorithm from the renowned Invisible Limiter and adding numerous enhancements.
  • Enjoy features like reduction shape control, softknee, channel link, manual attack/release time, and more, giving you unparalleled freedom in your work.

4. Invisible Limiter G3:

  • The third generation of the Invisible Limiter series arrives with significant updates to its fundamental limiting algorithm and resampling engine.
  • Designed to support modern mastering techniques, G3’s limiting features have been reorganized and improved from the previous generation.

5. Nu Compressor:

  • A versatile track compression plugin with 52 carefully crafted programs, each tailored for specific needs.

6. Tau Compressor Plus:

  • A straightforward track compression plugin with five thoughtfully designed modes.

7. Track Symbiosis:

  • A precise dodge tool that matches the main input signal level to the side chain input signal level.

8. tranQuilizr:

  • An equalizer plugin delivering transparent sound and intuitive controls.
  • Escape the distortion and coloration of traditional equalizers with tranQuilizr’s innovative design method.
  • Customize quality settings and manage channels flexibly with Automatic Gain Compensation (AGC).

9. tranQuilizr G2:

  • An advanced equalizer plugin featuring eight fully customizable bands.

10. Cyclic Panner:

  • A unique pan/width control tool preserving the sound field even at the pan’s extremes.
  • Simplify low-frequency opposite channel panning with the panned LPF function and visualize your sound field intuitively.

11. Stereo Imager D:

  • A correlation-based stereo image processor offering true stereo processing.

12. Wave Shredder:

  • A set of destruction processors for creative sound manipulation.
  • Includes features like Speed Reducer, Zero Time Valve, Waveform Cut and Bender, Shredder, and Chisel Crusher.

13. Sakura Dither:

  • A smoothing plugin for adding the finishing touch to your masters with four well-tuned dither symbols.

14. Triple Fader:

  • A simple fader plugin with a triple range setting for precise gain control.

15. Kujaku:

  • A reverb-based multi-effect plugin with graphically editable impulse responses and various post-effects for unique soundscapes.

What’s New in Version 1.17.1 (2023-09-06):

  • Improved mouse wheel and swipe operations to reduce accidental knob adjustments.
  • Fixed issues related to undo, redo, preset load, and snapshot load operations in Kujaku.
  • Note: macOS 10.14 Mojave is no longer supported.

Version 1.17.0 (2023-08-07) Update:

  • Introducing Kujaku, a new plugin addition.
  • Snapshot load from saved preset files is now undoable for all plugins.

R2R Note:

  • Our installer automatically selects the appropriate build for your computer, ensuring optimal performance.

Installation Instructions:

  • After installation, run AOM_KeyGen, enter any Email, click Generate, and save the resulting license file to: Code: %APPDATA%\AOM\Licenses\ (Create the folder if it doesn’t exist)

Upgrade your audio production with AOM Corporation’s cutting-edge software suite. Experience precision and creativity like never before.


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