Best Service – Accordions 2 (KONTAKT)

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Since its release, Accordions has become the first choice when it comes to ultra-realistic accordion libraries. Like its predecessor, Accordions 2 was released by Eduardo Tarilonte and features not only doubling the content, but also a completely redesigned user interface, as well as the content of blank rhythms for the left hand.

Even subtle accordion sounds such as keyboard and button noises have been recorded with the U47 microphone to enhance the realism of your performance.

Accordions 2 consists of 13 carefully sampled instruments:
French Musette Accordion : A real French accordion if you’re looking for a beautiful Parisian sound!

Steirisches Accordion (both hands) : Harmonious sound of Alpine folk music from Austria, German Bavaria and Italian South Tyrol.
Wooden Melodica : Beautiful melodic harmonica with three registers.

Bass Accordion : A deep bass accordion designed to play low registers in an orchestra.
Concert Accordion (both hands) : A wonderful 15-bar Pigini concert accordion. Includes left bass.

Folk Accordion (both hands) : The Mengascini accordion is ideal for folk music with 5 registers. Includes left bass.
Bandoneon: Alfred Arnold bandadion with several serial numbers, ahead of the one that Astor Piazzolla played around the world. The true sound of tango!

Concertina : The sound of sailors’ songs.
Additional Accordions : Single Reed Piccolo Accordion, Single Reed Musette Accordion, Single Reed Bassoon Accordion, Double Reed Musette Accordion and Left Hand Bass Accordion.

•Over 8.000 samples
•13 instruments in total
•3 kinds of bellow shake
•Premade rhythms for the left hand
•3 different dynamics and 3 round robins
•Key and button noises for ultra-realistic performances
•Recorded chromatically with the pristine sound of a U47 microphone
•Advanced but easy to use Kontakt scripting signed by Günter Hirscher
•Library size ~ 6.2 GB
•Compatible with Kontakt or Kontakt Player 5.71 or newer


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