Best Service – Ethno World 6 Complete (KONTAKT)

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Whether you’re crafting folk, ethnic, or contemporary music, ETHNO WORLD 6 Complete offers a treasure trove of instruments and vocal recordings perfectly suited to your creative needs. This comprehensive library, now in its sixth edition, has undergone 16 years of continuous growth and improvement, culminating in its most impressive iteration yet. With the addition of 80 new instruments and voices, totaling a massive 13 gigabytes in volume, ETHNO WORLD 6 Complete sets a new standard for music production.


  • Expanded Library: The sixth edition introduces 80 fresh instruments and voices, enriching the collection with even more sonic possibilities.

  • Extensive Collection: ETHNO WORLD 6 Complete boasts a grand total of 320 instruments and voices, meticulously organized into approximately 800 patches.

  • Authentic Sound: To ensure the utmost authenticity, the instruments have been recorded using various playing techniques, easily accessible through key-switches within the patches.

  • Vast Sample Data: The library comprises a staggering 33.4 gigabytes of uncompressed sample data, encompassing a remarkable 28,789 samples.


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