Black Octopus Sound – Katty Heath Vocal Sample Pack Produced by Dennis Sheperd (WAV)

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Trance music icon Dennis Sheperd teamed up with British vocalist Katty Heath to create an eerily thoughtful and musically expressive vocal sample. The dream team with Kathy’s stunning voice and Dennis Shepherd’s professional engineering and mastering experience created the necessary vocal package for any producer. This package will add life, history and musical glitz to your tracks. The package includes 9 full songs with BPM from 120 to 150, each of which includes Dry, Wet, Send FX, adlibs, Choruses, Verses and Harmonies; literally everything you need to create a stunning vocal hit. The original songs are written with meaningful lyrics that deliver emotional messages and goosebumps down your audience’s back. This package also includes comfortable and versatile vocal tones, as well as a reliable section of colloquial words. Spoken words in music can add drama to your mix, which no other instrument can do. With this package, you can count on hours of studio fun, developing creativity and attracting the attention of fans in a way that only professional vocals can do.

  • 639 Total Sounds
  • 190 Spoken Words
  • 48 Vocal Tones
  • 9 Full Songs
  • 401 Vocals
  • BPM Ranging From 120-150

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