Black Octopus Sound – Pure Analog Sweeps III (WAV)

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audiostorrent.xyzBlack Octopus Sound - Pure Analog Sweeps III -

Pure Analog Sweeps is an extensive library of unique analog sweep sound effects for artistic use in music, movies and games. They can be applied to any form of creative audio production, they are ideal for transitions, collisions and drop-ups. This is the third part of 4!Pure analog sweeps are made for a variety of genres including Techno, Synthwave, Synthpop, EDM, Dubstep, House, and more!The files are conveniently organized by tonality, so it’s easy to find perfectly tuned effects for your next piece or rate candidate sounds to create a space minor 7th chord.Each sound is individually processed, tuned and aligned with the sensitivity of the human ear, so easily combine sounds in unison or harmony and enjoy them.eBONUS: warm atmosphere, drum loners and bonus magnifiers are included in this collection.

• 212 Analog Sweeps (Sorted by Key)
• 25 Bonus Atmospheres
• 17 Bonus Loops
• 28 Bonus One Shots

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