Black Octopus Sound – Rainy Daze Lofi (MIDI, WAV, SERUM)

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Calm down and let the serene energy of Rainy Daze LoFi plunge into you and clear your mind. This set is filled with melodic content that creates a cozy and nostalgic atmosphere that will instantly inspire you! This library, rich in subsonic and low-frequency energy, also specializes in recordings of slow, gentle rain, creating a hypnotic mood that will improve the overall aesthetics of your music.Rhythm drumsIf you are looking for squeaky and dynamic drums that add substance to your songs, there are plenty of drum loops, vanshots and truncated stems for maximum ease of use.Dusty musical melodiesThis collection is filled with unique loops and singles, including synthesizers, chords, guitars, pads, pianos and pipes. Treatment for perfect low precision and magical crackling, giving a sweet organic sound of vintage vinyls.Hypnotizing bassEs with deep smooth bass that can either add a soothing, rhythmic atmosphere to any song or take on the leading atmosphere in your piece. Serum presets Also included is a set of Serum presets to give you full customization to get the dusty LoFi sounds you want.This library will quickly become a must for The production of LoFi with its atmospheric capabilities. Even if you’re just looking for rhythms to learn, rain does increase productivity, so go into the studio and explore “Rainy Daze LoFi” right now!


• 230 Drum One Shots
• 80 Drum Loops
• 30 Bass One Shots
• 32 Bass Loops (inc MIDI)
• 20 Chord One Shots
• 20 Synth One Shots
• 36 Chord Loops (inc MIDI)
• 3 Guitar Loops (inc MIDI)
• 7 Pad Loops (inc MIDI)
• 18 Piano Loops (inc MIDI)
• 39 Pluck Loops (inc MIDI)
• 65 Synth Loops (inc MIDI)
• 30 Textures
• 25 Serum Presets

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