Caelum Audio – Beef 1.0.1 VST3, AAX, AU WIN. OSX x86 x64

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Description:Beef may be a new plugin with multiple effects designed to form your tracks juicy. sort of a tender piece of meat soaked in juice, simply here for your tracks. it’s all the consequences you wish to boost the sound of your tracks, packed into an easy interface. Gabriel, the developer, says it’s appropriate for guitars, vocals, synthesizers and alternative tracks.
Beef, yes, that is its name, features a multi-stage 4-band equalizer that provides you the flexibility to create sound before and once saturation. it’s convenient to filtrate bound frequencies before continued the journey. this is often followed by noise/speed modulation, that uses filtered noise to boost and absorb tracks with screaming textures. practicality glorious from saturation plugins. The latter seems within the third stage. versatile saturation unit with half dozen selectable saturation algorithms, together with OD, lamp, distortion, tape and a lot of.
A little device is additionally obtainable for anyone World Health Organization desires a fair noisier sound. It offers four completely different parameters with that you’ll be able to any saturate your sounds/tracks. Then you’ve got a transient shaper, an excellent tool for forming drum sounds. Last however not least, you’ve got a clipper and a dry/mix section.


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