Combustor v1.0.0 Mac [MORiA] [Intel/Apple]

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COMBUSTOR is a unique way to create personalized compressor tones. This inspiring effect includes adaptive saturation processing to give your sound character and crunch, all within a single plugin. This is due to the performance of real circuits or virtual realm simulations. Now you can give your own sound that sweet richness your tracks deserve and create your own personal character. The combustion chamber is equipped with all compressor controls with 5 different saturation models and extensive sound shaping options. This plugin can add harmonics to bass lines, link to percussion and make your vocals sing.

Combustor v1.0.0
5 Saturation Types
With several saturation models, from subtle to flashy, you can choose the type of adaptive saturation for your own sound. Depending on the characteristics of the input signal and your compressor settings, saturation will be applied in different ways. Choose Type A for a subtle tube effect, or Type E for an overblown circuit…and everything in between. Experiment for yourself by switching between different saturation options and adjusting the saturation control to taste.
Controls You Know
In addition to creating creative ways to compress sound, COMBUSTOR is also easy to use and the controls are familiar to anyone who has ever used a standard compressor. All the usual compressor controls are present and working: threshold, attack, release, ratio, and knee. We even included a side chain mode for easy external triggering. With wide ranges of settings, you can achieve almost any compression effect you need, from temporal shaping to gluing tracks together.
Input, Output, and Mix Ratio
Use the input and output sliders to compensate for any increase or decrease in gain caused by the compression settings, with up to +/- 24dB of cut. This allows for very precise comparisons at A/Bing. Use the Blending Ratio slider at the bottom center of the interface to increase (or decrease) the amount of compression as you see fit. Apply a conservative ratio for subtle dynamic shaping, or push the control all the way to hear a 100% signal.
Visual feedback
Central stereometers accurately show what is happening with the signal during its processing in real time. This allows precise monitoring at every stage of the signal chain. When you pull the threshold fader down, you will see exactly how much gain reduction is being applied to the sound. The peak indicators will glow red if the signal is too hot.
With the many presets included, it’s easy to choose starting points for your own compression experiments. Tailored to specific instruments, genres and sound effects, these factory options can be used for many types of audio. The presets include everything from subtle dynamic shaping to fully ground limiting.

WA Production are real producers creating creative plug-ins to help you achieve studio-quality production quickly and easily. Enjoy!
Add. Info : Features
– Compression with built-in adaptive saturation
– 5 different saturation types
– RMS/peak ratio
– Sidechain mode
– Visual feedback
– Pop and click free bypass
– Responsive and CPU friendly
– ​​Factory settings
– Resizable interface
– Complete PDF manual and instructional video


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