D16 Group – Syntorus 2.0.2 VST, AAX x86 x64

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There are many different chorus effect plugins. However, finding one that produces the classic analogue chorus sound is not an easy task. Even expensive machines with many advanced parameters cannot always produce the correct vintage chorus sound.
With this in mind, the D16 decided to create a plug-in that would have a rich analog chorus sound similar to the effect found in classic synthesizers such as Solina, Synthex or Juno. This new effect is called Syntorus.
Syntorus has a unique sound that will add beauty to any instrument you use it on. Your synthetic bass and leads come to life. You can also add extra depth and pomp to your acoustic instruments. The possibilities are truly endless, so don’t hesitate, but rather start using this plugin in your work!
The second version offers a third BBD delay line for a tighter, richer chorus sound. You can route three LFOs to three delay lines in different topologies for more creative freedom. Each delay line includes its own multi-mode filter and tremolo effect to emulate a rotary speaker and more.

A witch says,

Be careful, D16 has timebomb which disables GUI after a while. None of other cracked (without keygen) releases are working.


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