Disciple Samples – Samplifire – Power Pack Vol 2 (WAV)

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After the success of Power Pack Vol.1 now released on Splice, Samplifire took the time to channel his inner Viking/Riddim Dubstep demons into Vol. .2. If you’re looking for powerful percussive polished drums, Epic & Tensed cinematic elements, and the toughest bass sounds, this is the place to be. Samplifire used a wide range of sound design techniques to create a new sound that blends the past and the future. Imagine an old brass recording paired with modern bass processing, the possibilities are endless!
A few key techniques used are additive synthesis mixed with wave synthesis or sampling (re-synthesis), sample mixing, granular synthesis, or even extreme effects chain processing (parallel, etc.). This is a unique package as it contains both age old musical elements and modern sound design art!
Take your production to the limit with this premium SampliPack!

194 Loops
456 One Shots

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