East West – Stormdrum 3 v1.0.4 (EAST WEST PLAY)

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Overview of Stormdrum 3: Stormdrum 3 is a comprehensive percussion library designed for film and game composers. It features a vast collection of cinematic drums and percussion instruments from around the world. This powerful tool is ideal for creating bombastic and thunderous percussion for your music projects.

Features of Stormdrum 3:

  • Drums from All Over the World: Stormdrum 3 offers a wide range of drums and percussion from various cultures, eras, and contexts. It allows you to create music that spans different cultures and genres with realistic and clean recordings.

  • Mickey Hart’s Collection: Renowned percussionist Mickey Hart collaborated with Remo to bring his private collection of drums and percussion to Studio 1. This collection adds a unique and flexible dimension to Stormdrum 3.

  • Family Taiko: Stormdrum 3 includes a holy grail of taiko samples, recorded from drums belonging to Mickey Hart, Remo, and Japanese taiko masters. It provides both single hits and full ensemble beats for a realistic taiko sound.

  • Big Drums: This section includes powerful drums like “The Beast,” “Lord Of Toms,” and “Dragon Ensemble” from Mickey’s exceptional collection, adding depth and dynamics to your compositions.

  • Gong, Clock, Water, and Telephone Sounds: A mechanical and detailed collection perfect for layering subtle elements in your music. It features vintage clock sounds for creating complex rhythms.

  • Metals: Access a variety of bells, chimes, cymbals, and unique metal percussion instruments collected by Mickey during his travels.

  • Shakers and Small Drums: An assortment of unusual shakers, rain sticks, and classic small drums, offering a diverse range of percussive options.

  • Woods: Explore unusual wood percussion instruments from around the world, including gourd marimba, balafon, and more.

  • Microphones: Stormdrum 3 was recorded using various microphones at Studio One, ensuring a versatile range of tonal options for blending into your music.

Technical Details and System Requirements: Stormdrum 3 requires the R2R PLAY sampler for installation. You can download the sampler here. Follow these steps for installation:

  1. Copy the “Previews,” “ProductChunks,” and “products” folders from the R2R folder to “C:\ProgramData\East West.”
  2. Copy the library to your preferred location on your HDD.
  3. Launch the PLAY sampler and navigate to the Browser tab.
  4. Right-click in the left column of the Browser tab, select “Add Another Product Library,” and specify the location of the library folder.

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