HoRNet – L3012 Bass Channel 1.0.0 (WIN.OSX)

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Overview of HoRNet L3012 Channel Strip for Bass

HoRNet L3012 is a versatile channel strip plug-in designed specifically for bass players. It offers a comprehensive set of tools to achieve an excellent bass sound, both in the studio and during live performances.

Features of HoRNet L3012

This channel strip plug-in boasts a range of features, including an analog tube preamp, a bass boost circuit, a transient shaper, various filters, a parametric mid-band equalizer, and a compressor modeled after the famous VCA compressor commonly used for bass. It also employs intelligent oversampling technology for high-quality audio processing.

Technical Details and System Requirements

HoRNet L3012 is designed to deliver top-notch audio quality with its analog modeling technology. It offers the flexibility to adjust oversampling (up to 4x) based on your DAW’s sample rate settings. The plug-in’s GUI is hardware-accelerated and optimized for different screen resolutions, ensuring a smooth user experience.


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