Impact Soundworks – Shreddage 3 Stratus + UPDATE (KONTAKT)

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The next generation of virtual guitar instruments for KONTAKT / KONTAKT PLAYER! More realistic and versatile than ever before with an American classic sound, three pickups, tons of articulations and a new console mixer and modular FX rack!
Shreddage 3 Stratus is the first chapter in Impact Soundworks’ new universe of guitar and bass instruments. In creating this sample library, we have used almost a decade of experience with our previous guitars and user feedback. We’ve built a new engine – Shreddage 3 (or S3 for short) – completely from the ground up, including the latest Kontakt technology and the tools available for version 5.7.
Our new strumming and voicing algorithms give you more realistic playback than ever, mimicking a real guitarist. All this is changed simply from the menu or by pressing a pushbutton switch. Added Strumming engine, great for both slow and fast rhythm parts. And with our new modular mixing console, you now have over 30 effects from EQs to pedals, compressors, amps, cabinets, modulators and more. See all these
incredible possibilities and decide which guitar is better than the classic American tone used in countless rock and roll, blues, metal, pop, spirit and funk. Stratus includes three unique pickup positions with custom blending along with key articulations from the Shreddage series.
The Console is our new mixer, modular effects rack and pedal board designed to give you complete control over your virtual guitar tone. Unlike our previous FX racks, which were limited to a small number of preset modules, Console gives you 30 effect modules to choose from!
These include multiple EQs (digital and analog), compressors, spatial FX, modulation effects, amps, distortion pedals, reverbs and a selection of over 30 custom IR cabinets recorded exclusively for Shreddage 3! These cabinets cover all the most important sounds you need, with dynamic and condenser mics in multiple positions, plus a ribbon mic for certain models.
Using the console, you can easily save and load FX chains or presets between projects or even different Shreddage 3 products. It also allows you to mix guitar pickups.

Shreddage 3 Stratus now includes project files for Studio One and FL STUDiO with our popular demo tracks! This update includes snapshots, MIDI and project files to help you learn, understand and experience the full power of the instrument.
To reproduce the project, you will need to install many third-party plugins and tools. You can find the list of required plugins by downloading the project.
Pristine 24-bit recordings with 3 pickups
Sustains, palm mutes, powerchords
Powerchord mutes, staccato, snaps
Harmonics, tremolo, tremolo slides
Hammer-on/pull-off, portamento slides
Fingered, whammy, and emulated vibrato
Unpitched & pitched release noises
Rakes, muted chokes, DI line noise
Includes over 30 new & custom cabinet IRs
Cutting edge virtual guitarist engine
Beautiful, expanded UI for easier editing
New POLY INPUT feature for realistic chords
Multiple fret & string voicing algorithms
New STRUMMING tab for custom rhythm parts
CONSOLE: Modular rack & mixer w/ 30+ FX
Includes TACT 2.0 for articulation mapping

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