Korneff Audio – Echoleffe Tape Delay v1.0.3 VST3, AAX x64

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Step into a time machine for your audio with the ETD Audio Plugin, designed to capture the essence of the stunning, fully tubular tape delay of 1961. This remarkable plugin not only adds character and vintage warmth to your recordings and mixes but also offers three distinct operating modes, each with its unique charm. Get ready to embark on a sonic journey like no other.

ETD Audio Plugin: Timeless Tape Delay Simulated to Perfection

The ETD Audio Plugin is your gateway to the captivating world of vintage tape delay. By simulating the iconic technology of 1961, it brings you unrivaled versatility and superior sound quality. Whether you’re after pristine vocal echoes or cosmic flange effects, the ETD plugin is a creative tool that lets your imagination run wild.

Discover the Three Unique Operating Modes:

  1. Tape Delay Mode: Unleash Creative Echoes

    • ETD offers a fantastic tape delay simulation that spans a wide spectrum of delay effects. From crystal-clear vocal echoes to ethereal cosmic flange effects, this mode empowers you to add depth and character to your audio.
  2. Tape Saturation Mode: Warmth and Overdrive

    • In this mode, the ETD plugin takes on the role of a dedicated tape saturator. You can use it to infuse your audio with gentle warmth or push it to the edge for complete signal overdrive. Customize the wah and flutter settings to create unique modulated effects that stand out.
  3. Tube Preamp Mode: Pure Tube Warmth

    • The ETD plugin’s tube preamp simulator is a standalone gem. It injects your audio with unparalleled warmth and richness. When you need the pure glow of a tube preamp without the delay or saturation, this mode delivers. Crank up the gain, and you’ll experience audio that seems to burst with life.

Changelog History: Keep Up with Updates

The ETD Audio Plugin is continuously evolving to provide you with the best possible audio experience. Here’s a glimpse into the recent updates:

v1.0.3 (Latest Update)

  • Fixed tape saturation offset control for precise adjustments.
  • Addressed Wow/Flutter depth control for more accurate modulation.
  • ProTools initial settings have been fine-tuned for seamless integration.


  • Fixed delay sync to ensure synchronization across your projects.

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