Luftrum – Zaphira for U-He Diva

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2540, the battle between humans and machines is raging. Zafira, a baby of the Star Rebel Alliance, walks among the celebs in an exceedingly galaxy torn apart by war. because the solely hope of the last colony of humanity, its mission is each happy and terrific because it confronts its inner bravery to avoid wasting humanity.
Introducing Zaphira could be a fashionable medium marvel containing one hundred fifty exalting analog patches for your next sound journey and doubtless one amongst the foremost exciting, intense and adrenaline-filled collections of U-He prima donna patches in luftrum’s portfolio.
Harsh realities collide like tides in house as hypnotic arpeggios, sequences, and powerful low bass components mix to make the music of your next journey into deep dark house. Lush and developing pads, breathless bass and powerful wealthy synth sounds can take you into the sound house, as brave explorers of past generations. The sound set is meant to present you the most effective of contemporary medium analog emulation and contains everything you’d expect from analog sounds, designed with fashionable medium and sci-fi aspects in mind.
Composers like John root vegetable (Sunshine), Jon Hopkins (Monsters), mount Harare & Geoff Barrow (Annihilation, Ex Machina), Wojciech Golczewski (400 Days), and artists within the vein of Tony Anderson, Melodysheep, Underworld and star Fields have had the best influence.
Zaphira is totally compatible with NKS, that is vital for users of Komplete Kontrol instrumentality from Native Instruments. It includes labeled NKS presets sorted within the Zaphira subbank ANd comes with an NKS audio preview.
Each patch has special functions for the modulation wheel. Aftersoing is employed to present a lot of quality where necessary. All patches leave a margin of a couple of dB, and there’s a PDF guide describing a way to install the kit and wherever to put the NKS presets.


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