[Mix With The Masters] Inside The Track #68 – Billie Eilish “No Time To Die”

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Goldfinger, Skyfall, Live And Let Die… James Bond music will live forever. Mix With The Masters has the honor of presenting a historic six-part video series on the creation of Billie Eilish’s latest Bond theme “No Time To Die”. The Grammy-winning song is a masterstroke of songwriting, performance, production and mixing, and this series takes you through every step of the process, including interviews and demos from Finneas O’Connell, Hans Zimmer, Steven Lipson and Rob Kinelski. Filmed in both London and Los Angeles, you’ll be able to peek into the studios of all four members of the team as they discuss the technical and creative solutions that brought the song to life. Finneas tells the story of how he and Billy were given 20 pages of script and asked to write a song for a movie back in 2019. It shows how it all started with a simple piano tune and how the duo worked around the clock to record the song on the road. Hans Zimmer, composer and bandleader, shares his initial reaction to the song and how it developed during production. He talks about how the song inspired him and introduces the all-star team that made the final production. Across the Pond, in London, Steven Lipson talks about his subtle approach to producing a record with Finneas. He shows how he used time stretching, tempo shifts and purposeful permutations to perfect a track, as well as one dramatic last-minute change that won James Bond himself over. Finally, we get an inside look at the mixing process with Rob Kinelski. where he reveals the final arrangement and signal processing chains that brought the song to its finish line and out into the world. Like the movie, this series is not to be missed.

ContentPART 1-6
There are subtitles in Russian, English and Spanish.

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