[Mix With The Masters] Inside The Track #74 – Re-Recording Mixing “Dune”

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MWTM presents its debut series on the art of post-production engineering! This edition features outstanding re-recording mixer Ron Bartlett, who is accompanied in his private studio by project mixer Alan Meyerson. This issue focuses on Bartlett’s work, with Meyerson taking on the role of interviewer and author. You will learn about Ron’s approach and techniques for mixing music with dialogue, effects and follies. He frequently receives film mixing projects from Alan, as was the case with Dune, the 2021 Oscar-winning film featured in this series of videos. Bartlett will guide you through the stem session, explaining group content, routing, layout, and processing. He discusses his main goal as a dubbing mixer – to mix material in such a way that it is seamless, exciting and does not distract the viewer from the picture. In addition to exploring Dune, they discuss other projects they’ve worked on and how their workflows differ yet complement each other.

ContentPART 1-6
There are subtitles in Russian, English and Spanish.

Download Recording Mixing “Dune”