[Mix With The Masters] Inside The Track #78 – Michael Kiwanuka “Beautiful Life”

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Mixing Engineer Ben Bapti brings you his second series of MWTM videos! This episode, hosted at Pony Studios in London, shows how he mixed Michael Kiwanuka’s “Beautiful Life”. Ben talks about moving into his current studio, discusses the design of the room, and explains his setup. He reproduces the resulting rough mix and shares his opinion. Bapti comments on what he thinks could be improved and what he would like to keep. He will walk you through his processing applied to the project, revealing his vocal chain, mix processing, and how he enhanced certain elements with effects, EQ, saturation, and more!

1. Equipment, room design, monitoring, signal flow, rough mix, routine, vocal chain, effects, grit, emotion
2. Stereo field contrast, panning, strings, drums & bass relationship, EQ, compression, analog mix treatment
3. TB mix chain, high-end saturation, width automation, gain staging, limiters, finding the sweet spot
There are subtitles in Russian, English and Spanish.

Sample files : Not provided
Video format : MP4
Video : AVC, 1920×1080, 16:9, 25 fps, 3000 kb/s
Audio : AAC, 44.1 kHz, 192 kb/s, 2 channels


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