[Mix With The Masters] Inside The Track #87 – Metronomy “Love Letters”

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After the brilliant success of Metronomy’s third album, British producer and songwriter Joseph Mount felt the need to change course. Fascinated by the old school methods of the 60s and 70s, he set about creating an all-analog album in the age of the internet.

This three-part series chronicles the production process of the 2014 single “Love Letters”. Recorded live on an 8-track tape recorder and then mixed straight down to ¼”, this album captures the spirit of the classic records, but with a subtle modern touch. Joseph describes how the band used an immaculately restored EMI console, external gear and a tape recorder to shape their musical process from scratch. He repeats his steps, arranging the song for a limited number of tracks, recreating simple modulation effects the hard way, and making risky tape edits to bring it all together.

As a digital native, Joseph emphasizes the value of finding new experiences in the studio and the benefits of taking creative risks. When even simple processes become a challenge, anything can happen.

1. Working on tape, pre-production, arrangement
2. Live recording, effects, artistic intention, philosophy
3. Limitations, equipment selection, referencing
There are subtitles in Russian, Italian, English and Spanish.

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