[Mix With The Masters] Mastering Workshop #8 – John Davis

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For the first time at MWTM, acclaimed mastering engineer John Davis reveals his techniques and shares his decades of experience in the music business! Recorded at Metropolis Studios in London, this series of videos covers a wide range of topics related to John’s calling. He describes the purpose of each instrument he uses, compares the quality of analogue and digital formats, and demonstrates his workflow on two contrasting projects, Damon Albarn’s “Royal Morning Blue” and Fete Sad Girls’ “Hannah”. The first is mixed from a half-inch tape and subtly modified, while the second is mixed from an audio file and processed more radically to achieve the desired results. In addition to teaching his techniques, Davis develops other topics that are at the forefront of any mastering career. These include: dynamic range compression in broadcasting,

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There are subtitles in Russian, English and Spanish.

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