[Mix With The Masters] Production Seminar #4 – Jaycen & Pensado

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Filmed at La Fabrique Studios in France, this detailed series of videos explores a range of innovative mixing techniques, regularly used by Dave Pensado and Jacen Joshua. While Jacen’s discussions and demonstrations make up the majority, there are many points to understand about Dave’s approach as well. Engineers reminisce about the times they worked as a team and the learning curves they went through.
Joshua plays excerpts from some of their favorite recordings by Nine Inch Nails, Blackstreet, The Roots, Busta Rhymes and more. After a critical listening session, the pair comment on what they love about these mixes and why they are a benchmark for their own aspirations. Jacen opens several Pro Tools sessions to showcase his work on Poo Bear, Ed Sheeran, Juanes ft. Sebastian Yatra and Meek Mill ft. Drake. He details the gain structure to achieve maximum perceived loudness and sharp transients without audible distortion.
You’ll see him use a variety of tools including stereo expanders, dynamic EQs, multiband compressors, harmonic amps, reverbs and delays. This is a goldmine of information packed into a couple of hours!

1. Mix analyses, dry energy, cleanliness, transients vs. loudness, front-to-back panning, Fletcher Munson curve
2. Gain structure, low end reference, frequency masking, pre-delay, stereo spreading, summing, multi-band compression
3. Low end consistency, side-chaining, dynamic EQ, transformer tracks, white noise, odd & even harmonics
4. Vocal effects, section-based treatment, spreading a mono signal, adding variation to loops, band saturation
5. Conserving voltage, filtering, kick drum sustain, loudness before mix buss, tracking signal chain, vocal space
6. EQ types, taming harshness, phase cancellation, automating parallel compression, tape emulation, mix chain
7. Headroom for mastering, checking for distortion, RMS level, vocal chains & effects, artefacts, adding air
There are subtitles in Russian, English and Spanish.

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