MOONBOY – Havok Production Suite (Ableton Live, MiDi, SERUM, WAV)

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The first official MOONBOY Production Suite is the highest quality work I have ever created!
I have spent days and nights experimenting with new sounds and techniques, aiming to create an entirely new library of sounds that
NEVER done before!
That’s why I created a complete collection of high quality presets, instruments and sounds for Drum & Bass, Dubstep & Bass House!
Owning Havok will not only give you access to the tools to create the most CRAZY drum and bass. It will also help you type
innovate and create a whole new sound for ANY genre and style you create!
Havok contains a HUGE library of sounds and presets that will instantly bring NEW sounds and new ideas to your production.
You will find a large number of high quality sounds and loops, as well as incredible bonuses! From the most mind-blowing Synths presets to beautifully lush Studio Acapellas, even FX racks and Hype vocals! There is no limit to what you can create with HAVOK!

ContentHavok Production Suite
Drums – Loops 200+ .WAV
Drums – One Shots 250 .WAV
FX 100+ .WAV
Instruments 200+ .WAV
Synth – Loops 70+ .WAV
Synth – One Shots 70+ .WAV
Vocals 100 .WAV
Construction Kits 25 . WAV
Hazard For Xfer Serum
DAMAGE – Ableton Racks
BASS FX 3 .adg
VOCAL FX 2 .adg
LEAD FX 2 .adg
FAT RACK 1 .adg
FX 2 .adg
HYPE – Dance Vocals
Ad-Libs 8 .WAV
Vocal – Loops 10 .WAV
Verses 4 .WAV
One Shots 50 .WAV
Chants 6 .WAV
Vocal FX 10 .WAV
Euphoria – Acapellas
Acapella Stems 4 .WAV
Ad-Libs 20 .WAV
Vocal – Loops 10 .WAV
Melodies 10 .WAV
One Shots 50 .WAV
Sung Phrases 20 .WAV
Sustained Notes 20 .WAV
Havok – Project File
Ableton Project File 1 .als

Download Havok Production Suite


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