MVPloops – Urban Vault (UVI Falcon)

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Friends, in the list of Falcon libraries it will be displayed under the name MVP Urban Vault, this is important for those who have installed many libraries and someone like me will start looking for it with the letter U and then suddenly decide that it has not been installed))
Description : Virtual instrument, constructors, built-in effects and much more.
Urban Vault is a triple threat software that leverages the production capabilities of multi-sampled instruments, loops and one-shot samples in one easy-to-use software plug-in. With state-of-the-art sound quality, varied sound palettes, built-in effects and more, Urban Vault has an arsenal to create a wide range of popular urban music genres today.
A total of 300 inspiring multisampled instruments are available in Urban Vault, as well as 30 radio-ready construction loops in Trap, EDM, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop and Soul styles. These sounds and kits were designed by MVP PLATINUM, a well-established team of multi-platinum producers, engineers, musicians and songwriters responsible for millions of records sold worldwide, so you have a solid foundation before you even start. production.
Features of Urban Vault:
300 multi-sample instruments
30 constructors containing loops, samples, riffs and one shot
Built-in effects
Modern stutter effect
Create your own custom kits or simply swap out the pattern
Glide / mono / poly
16 MPC style pads with 4
Note Repeat groups – ideal for styles of trap, EDM, pop and hip-hop.
Key Assignments – select a sound and instantly arrange it chromatically across the keyboard
Chord Assignment – Play a chord or sequence and assign it to a pad for easy playback
Adjustment, Input Quantization, Latch, Easy MIDI Assignment and Pitch / Drop & Rise Effects
Mac and PC Compatible
World renowned UVI Engine
No iLok dongle required
Developed on the world renowned UVI sound engine, Urban Vault offers a wide range of onboard effects including HP / LP filters, reverb, delay, distortion, EQ, compression, modulation effects and a modern stutter effect, as well as an improved workflow. features such as Note Repeat, Chord Assign, Glide, Key Assign, and Sample Exchange that allow you to create your own custom kits or replace individual samples for completely original pieces of music.


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