Nami Audio – Hammer & Felt 1.1 (KONTAKT)

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es, another piano library again. But this one is not clean and not perfect … That’s why you will like it!
From the simplest piano to the more intimate, experimental and luscious sound, Hammer & Felt will help you bring ideas to life faster than ever.
With a simple yet effective interface, customize sounds to suit your composition or bring them into new worlds of sound design.
This library is fragile and individual, including room noises, light breathing, keyboard sounds, tape hiss and more.
Hammer & Felt comes with three tools to play with:
A classic general-purpose piano recording that lets you quickly get ideas out of your head and tell your stories easily.
The same piano, but with the celeste pedal engaged, which places a felt layer between the hammers and strings, the result is a much more fragile and cleaner sound.
Meticulously recorded in an empty house in the middle of the night, both instruments were captured with a pair of Neumann KM184 microphones placed at ear level for good stereo imaging. While Hammer places the microphones at player level, Felt places them as close to the hammers as possible so you can capture all the machine sounds, imperfections, and the sweetness that gives you the feeling of being inside the piano.
This instrument has 24 sound sources to choose from. While some are just Hammer and Felt samples, distorted and played on different machines, others are new recordings of a piano played in less traditional ways to create an instant vibe.


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