Native Instruments – Play Series: Stacks 1.0.0 (KONTAKT)

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Overview of STACKS: STACKS is a modern instrument that combines dusty textures and organic samples with elements from the soul genre and cult underground hip-hop. It brings back the sounds of the 2000s and heavy hip-hop samples into a Play Series instrument. This tool is packed with solos, strings, brass, bass, and sounds influenced by vintage music.

Features of STACKS:

  • Immerse Yourself in Old-School Sounds: STACKS offers a wide range of sounds reminiscent of old-school memories, including electric keyboards, organs, glocks, strings, horns, live bass, and more.
  • Fusion of Genres: It blends funk collages with lo-fi soul, pop elements, and organic bass, making it ideal for beatmaking and creative music production.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Play Series instruments, including STACKS, provide high-quality sound and an easy-to-use interface suitable for both beginners and seasoned professionals.
  • Macros for Sound Control: STACKS features macros that enable dynamic control of the synthesizer engine, allowing quick and easy customization of presets.
  • Deep Sound Editing: Musicians looking to dive into sound design will find powerful tools and custom effects chains within STACKS.
  • Analog-Style Sequencer: STACKS includes an analog-style sequencer that can play chords, arpeggios, and melodic rhythm patterns to enhance your creative process.

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