NUGEN Audio – Paragon v1.3.0.5

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Overview of Paragon Convolutional Reverb

Paragon is a revolutionary convolutional reverb that combines the best of both worlds – the realism of real spaces and the control of algorithmic reverb. It offers unprecedented customization options, all while avoiding the common artifacts associated with time stretching.

Features of Paragon Convolutional Reverb

  • Flexible IR Library: Paragon strikes the right balance in its impulse response (IR) library. No more need for extensive collections of IRs for different spaces; you can fine-tune and customize a few favorites for endless possibilities.
  • 3D Resynthesis: Through advanced technology, Paragon analyzes and recreates real spaces from 3D recordings, allowing you to adjust the frequency response and decay rate.
  • Reimagining Real Spaces: Unlike traditional convolution reverb, Paragon offers a wider range of settings for reverb decay and room size, enabling transparent transformations without artifacts.

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