Orange Tree Samples – Dry Relic (KONTAKT)


Many acoustic guitar sample libraries focus on providing clean, balanced tone: lots of body and crisp highs. All of these qualities are great if you want a sound that fits in with the mix, but sometimes you need a guitar that brings its own personality.
Introducing the Dry Relic Evolution. Recorded using a Gibson J-45 from the early 50’s, this guitar has seen a lot of history and has many more to tell. There is nothing better than the sound of aged wood, which becomes more and more characteristic with each season. Combined with a set of worn strings, the guitar has a great, tight low end with a spark of life in the high frequencies. The library is exactly what you need to give your song a personality.
We developed the library in partnership with Rosewood Recording Company, one of the most respected recording studios in Utah. Guy Randle, owner and sound engineer of the Rosewood Recording Company, included analog audio equipment to skilfully give the guitar a rich tone and emphasize it. Evolution Dry Relic includes both the recorded signal and the amplified signal.

MoreFor sampling, Guy Randle worked with Ryan Tilby, a versatile multi-instrumentalist who has performed at countless music festivals and toured Europe many times. His compositions have been featured on the Discovery Channel, Outdoor Photo Adventures and other famous TV shows. Ryan Tilby also offers remote recording services to clients around the world who need guitar, banjo, bass, mandolin and ukulele tracks.
Evolution Dry Relic is based on our Evolution engine, which gives you a lot of features: an innovative strum pattern editor, automatic chord detection and a robust built-in effects engine. If you have used any of our guitar or bass libraries that use the Evolution engine, its interface and workflow will be very familiar to you.
The library includes a variety of factory presets for pre-made acoustic guitar tones, which will emphasize the individuality of your works and help them stand out from others.
Key Feature:
– Built-in effects collection for ready-made acoustic guitar tones.
– Pattern editor and chord voicing system for authentic pattern playing and selection.
– Adjustable pick position using our patented physical modeling technology.
– A powerful mapping system that allows you to set how you want to trigger articulations using conditions such as velocity ranges, MIDI CC, latching and non-latching key switches, and more.
Sample specifications:
– 11.4 GB (compressed to 6 GB using lossless NCW audio format) 24-bit samples.
– Articulations such as sustains, palm mutes, mutes, natural harmonics, as well as special effects such as string slaps, percussive body hits, and more.
– Legato samples for slides, hammers and pull-offs.
– Articulations have 3 dynamics, 2 direction selection (if applicable) and 2x circular algorithm.
Evolution Dry Relic is NKS ready. Integration with Native Kontrol Standard offers many benefits both when using the library in the Komplete Kontrol software and in combination with Komplete Kontrol hardware such as the Komplete Kontrol S Series and Maschine keyboards.
In addition to showing Evolution Dry Relic in its own browser among your other Komplete Kontrol tools, there are many other benefits. For example, thanks to the Native Map® technology from Native Instruments, you can control various library parameters directly through the connected equipment right out of the box. In addition, switches and key ranges are shown using Light Guide, an innovative technology that displays key colors directly on the Komplete Kontrol S-Series keyboard.
We recommend using Evolution Dry Relic with the Komplete Kontrol S-Series keyboard for full effect. Although not a requirement, you will be able to take advantage of Native Kontrol Standard for an intuitive connection between software instruments and hardware.
Product requirements:
Available disk space: This product requires a total of 12.69 GB of free disk space to download and install the demo library. The total download size is 6.34 GB, and once installed, the library takes up 6.34 GB.

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