Origin Sound – 2019 Type Beats (WAV)

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Overview of 2019 Type Beats Sample Pack:

Origin Sound proudly presents the “2019 Type Beats” sample pack, a treasure trove of trap experiences designed to leave you craving for more. The pack boasts a rich array of elements, from formidable 808s and mouth-watering drums to mind-bending music loops and a plethora of extras that will elevate your creative compositions.

Features of 2019 Type Beats Sample Pack:

  • Samples: 295 in total (185 Loops, 110 One-Shots)
  • Drum Hits:
    • Kicks: 20
    • Percs: 15
    • Snares: 25
    • Tops: 25
  • Drum Loops: 20
  • Perc Loops: 20
  • 808 Hits: 20
  • Bass Loops: 20
  • Chord Loops: 25
  • Melodic Loops: 45
  • Vinyl Cut Loops: 15
  • Song Starter Loops: 25
  • SFX: 20
  • Tempos: Ranges from 105 to 148 BPM


At the core of “2019 Type Beats” lies an extensive collection of music loops, ranging from melodious and harmonious samples to loud 808s and bass, textured and dark chord progressions, distorted and twisted synths, airy flutes teeming with life, and crackling vinyl compositions evoking profound emotions. Not only do you get individual loops, but the pack also provides song start loops illustrating how multiple elements can harmoniously blend into a single idea. Enhance your originality by using the bass lines from the 808 folder to create your unique bass line.

Dive into the compelling drum loops that will drive your compositions forward, impeccably crafted and apt for any trap scenario. These drums are a quintessential tool for beat-making, brimming with powerful kicks, massive drums, hats slicing through the mix, and rumbles cascading through the top end. If starting from scratch is your forte, explore the drum beats folder to gather various sample drum ingredients.


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