Origin Sound – No Cap – Trap & Hip Hop (WAV)

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Explore a vast array of Trap & Hip Hop styles and moods with “No Cap”. Every beatmaker’s dream library with a huge variety while maintaining sound continuity.

The huge selection of No Cap’s musical elements really sets it apart from the rest. Lots of options and unleashed creativity lurk around every corner, whether you’re looking for a mix-ready starter track to chop and warp to your own beat, or you’re taking a slightly more clinical approach by diving into individual elements and recording them. . those by adding their own sound signature, everyone will find something for themselves. You can find edgy synth pads, tastefully reverb-soaked scenes, staccato basslines that curve and flow for added character, fuzzy lo-fi woodwinds, and more.

Add some rhythm and punch to your beats with No Cap’s extensive collection of drums, ranging from fronts and mutes to slightly more rounded and restrained kicks and snare drums, whatever your own production style requires, No Cap can provide. Move faster using one of the many pre-made and mix-ready loops filled with interesting rhythms that will spice up your beats. Alternatively, you can dive into individual drum beats to give your rhythm precision and complexity.

Last but not least, use the No Cap sound effects collection to add personality and detail to your productions. These well-crafted bits of ear candy may go unnoticed by the listener compared to the main elements, but they are an essential tool for adding depth to the sonic environment your track lives in.

No Cap offers high quality and versatile samples in a variety of styles, ideal for beatmakers of all levels, from casual amateurs to professional producers.

472 Samples (297 Loops, 175 One Shots)
-808s x16
-Kicks x35
-Percs x25
-Snares x25
-Tops x55 (Cymbals & Hi-Hats)
-Drum & Perc Loops x25
-Bass Loops x32
-Chord Loops x100
-Grooves x10
-Leads x30
-Song Starters x58
-Vocals x10
– SFXx26

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