Overloud – REmatrix v1.2.12 STANDALONE, VST, VST3, AAX x86 x64 + Expansions Library

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Overview of REmatrix: REmatrix is a specialized tool designed to revolutionize the way reverb is created. It offers an innovative approach to achieving various reverb effects using parallel processing with five convolvers in a single plugin.

Features of REmatrix:

  • Parallel Convolution: REmatrix allows you to use five parallel convolvers, each accepting different Impulse Responses (IRs). This feature emulates the technique of using additional reverbs in parallel on different busses for better spatial organization and unique tonal control.
  • Extensive IR Collection: REmatrix comes with 330 Impulse Responses (IRs) and 670 presets created by MoReVoX, a renowned audio engineer. These IRs were crafted during actual mixing sessions to cater to the needs of producers.
  • Dynamic Control: The plugin offers various ways to enhance the dynamism and vibrancy of IRs. You can tune the IR resonances, add saturation for warmth, and incorporate delay effects to achieve your desired tone.
  • Customizable IRs: REmatrix enables the creation of custom IRs by combining five different ones. You have the flexibility to adjust multiple parameters for each IR and apply additional filters for precise tone control.
  • Master Effects: The plugin provides six master effects that can be used to further refine the reverb sound to fit the requirements of the final mix.

Installation Instructions:

Before proceeding with the installation, follow these steps:

  1. Delete Previous Version: Ensure that any previous versions of the plugin are completely removed. Check for any remaining files or folders related to the previous version in the following locations:

    • %APPDATA%\Overloud\(Plugin name)\
    • %PROGRAMDATA%\Overloud\(Plugin name)\
  2. Preserve Custom Presets: If you have created custom presets (referred to as “user presets”), save the “factory-presets.db” file. This file can typically be found at the following location:

    • %APPDATA%\Overloud\(Plugin name)\
  3. Block in Hosts File: Modify your computer’s hosts file to block access to www.overloud.com. Add the following entry to your hosts file:

    • www.overloud.com
  4. Install the Plugin: Proceed with the installation of the plugin.

  5. KeyGen Activation: After installation, run “Overloud_Special_KeyGen.” Select the plugin from the list provided within the KeyGen tool. Press the “Reg” (Register) button to activate the plugin on Windows.

Expansions Library:

  • Drive Blast
  • REXP
  • Imagined Spaces
  • JPVerbs John Paterno Signature
  • GoldenGlue Platinum
  • Studio Sessions
  • Studio Sessions II
  • PostPro Gold
  • Dusty Racks Vol.1
  • Dusty Racks Vol.2
  • Dusty Racks Vol.3
  • Rafa Sardina Spaces
  • Blackstar Studio
    Installation: Drag the expansions.rematrix file into the plugin window.

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