Production Music Live – Melodic & Organic by Fejka (Ableton Instruments and Project Files, WAV)

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Introducing “PML: Melodic and Organic” by Fejka, a talented producer and Live Act. This sample pack offers a diverse range of sounds that blend energizing techno with soft soundscapes. Fejka has crafted a collection that includes organic percussion, drum loops, signature synth loops, dreamy environments, and calming piano sounds. Additionally, the pack provides four Ableton construction files for inspiration and five Ableton instruments for voice, harp, percussion, and bass.

Features of Melodic & Organic:

  • 200+ Loops: This pack contains over 200 loops, including organic percussion, drum loops, synth loops, atmospheres, and more.

  • One-Shots: Over 128 one-shot samples, including kicks, claps, hats, toms, shakers, and more, offer flexibility in your productions.

  • Ableton Instruments: Fejka has designed five Ableton instruments: iSynth Infinity, Rhythmic Cloud, Dark-themed bass, Low Bass, and Kimstrument.

  • Ableton Project Files: Explore four Ableton project files named Midnight, Sinaeha, Let Go, and Solar Parts for further inspiration and understanding of the producer’s techniques.

Technical Details of Melodic & Organic:

  • Format: WAV (Loops and One-Shots), Ableton Live (Instruments and Project Files)
  • Total Samples: Over 328 samples
  • Compatible with: Any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)


  • Loops: Includes hats, textures, piano, vocals, synth, atmosphere, melodies, bass, arps, clap/snare, guitar, FX, percussion, shaker, and strings.

  • One-Shots: Offers kicks, claps, hats, toms/glass, and shaker samples.

  • Ableton Instruments: Features five custom Ableton instruments.

  • Ableton Project Files: Includes four Ableton project files.


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