Production Music Live – MIDI Pack Melodic House Vol. 2 – White Glow (Ableton Project, MiDi)

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  • 100+ MIDI Files: This collection provides more than 100 MIDI files suitable for melodic house music production.

  • Basslines: Includes 29 MIDI basslines to add depth and groove to your tracks.

  • Leads: Offers 17 MIDI lead melodies for creating captivating melodies.

  • Pads & Chords: Features 20 MIDI pads and 30 chord progressions to build rich harmonic textures.

  • Arpeggios: Contains 36 MIDI arpeggios that can add rhythmic and melodic complexity to your compositions.

  • Bonus Project File: Includes an “Inspiration Booster” project file for Ableton Live, along with modern presets and high-quality drum samples, offering a structured starting point for your music.

Technical Details:

  • File Format: MIDI (.mid)
  • BPM Range: 120-126 BPM


  • MIDI Files: Over 100 MIDI files categorized into basslines, leads, pads & chords, and arpeggios.

  • Bonus Project File: An Ableton Live project file with modern presets and drum samples.


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