Production Music Live – Vocalized – Sample Pack (WAV)

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Overview of Vocalized:

  • Enhance your music productions with the “Vocal Inspiration Pack,” a comprehensive collection of over 250 expertly designed and meticulously processed vocal samples. This pack is a valuable resource for infusing inspiration and vitality into your compositions, offering a wide variety of vocal elements, including stutters, textures, pads, sequences, effects, and more.

Features of Vocalized:

  • The “Vocal Inspiration Pack” comprises:
    • 20 Stutter-Vocals
    • 20 Spoken Words
    • 14 Pitched Vocals
    • 65 Textures
    • 59 Sequences
    • 19 Pads
    • 20 FX
    • 39 Arps & Stutter

Technical Details and Usage Terms:

  • This pack includes 250+ samples in WAV format, expertly designed and processed to enhance your music.
  • Use these samples to add depth, emotion, and uniqueness to your musical compositions.

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