Samplicity – Berlin Studio v1.1.0 VST, VST3 x64

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Berlin Studio :
With Berlin Studio you can add the beautiful acoustics of the Teldex studio to your mixes. This studio is famous for decades of classical recordings and is well known to composers as the home of many famous sample libraries.

Description Continued
The signature sound of this recording scene – about the same size as Abbey Road One – was captured by recording special cues emitted from key orchestral stage positions by the studio’s main microphones, and processing those recordings into acoustic “fingerprints”, also known as impulse responses ( IRs).
The result of careful post-process editing is a very consistent and accurate set of IRs in True-Stereo format. If you’re already familiar with Samplicity’s previous IRs, you’ll know they’re considered some of the very best, with low signal-to-noise ratios and excellent stereo imaging.
With flexible handling of mic angles, pre-delays, early reflections and reverb tails, Berlin Studio makes it easy to mix and match virtual instruments from different manufacturers in a unique acoustic environment.
Of course, the Berlin Studio is also a great tool for making real instruments sound like they were recorded in this magnificent hall.

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