[SkillShare] Ableton Live 11 – Beginners Guide to Music Production in Ableton Live

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This class will teach you everything you need to know to get started creating music in Ableton Live 11.
In this Step-By-Step guide, I start off going over the very basics, so even if you are a complete beginner to Music Production you’ll be able to follow along!
I cover numerous topics in this class, which will give you a deep understanding of how the software works. We look at things such as:
• Session View
• Arrangement View
• Browser
• MIDI Note Editor
• Audio Editor
• Setting up your MIDI Controller
• Computer MIDI Keyboard
• Recording MIDI
• Recording Audio
• Editing MIDI
• Editing Audio
• Using Clips
• Shortcuts
• Quantizing Audio + MIDI
• Reversing Audio
• Time-Stretching Audio
• Scale Feature
• Comping (Take Lanes)
• Loop Recording
• Punching In
• Recording into the Arrangement View
• Legato Feature
• Exporting
• Basics of Mixing – Levels + Panning
• Compression
• EQBy the end of this class you will have created your first song in Ableton Live, and will be able to confidently use Ableton Live.

01-introduction to the class
02-overview of ableton live 11 part 1
03-overview of ableton live 11 part 2
04-overview of ableton live 11 part 3
05-starting a new set-setting the tempo
06-audio tracks
07-midi tracks
08-using the computer midi keyboard
09-setting up a midi controller
10-writing midi
11-writing in a new part-adjusting velocity and the scale feature
12-recording midi
13-grid settings
14-quantizing midi
15-writing drums with the draw tool
16-writing drums part 2-creating a trap style beat
17-midi overdub recording
18-recording quantization
19-the midi legato feature
20-set organisation
21-the global quantization menu
22-building an arrangement with clips
23-audio recording settings
24-recording audio< b123> 25-basic audio editing part 1
26-basic audio editing part 2-quantizing audio
27-walkthrough of adding new parts
28-recording your clips into the arrangement view
29-copying clips into the arrangement view
30-editing features in the arrangement view
31-audio editing in the arrangement view-fades time-stretching and reversing
32-finalyzing the song arrangement
33-exporting your song from ableton live
34-recording audio into the arrangement view-audio setup recap
35-recording audio and midi into the arrangement view
36-punch recording
37-loop recording midi
38-loop recording audio
39-take lanes (comping)
40-introduction to the mixing section
43-adding audio effect plugins
44-using groups
45-introduction to eq
46-introduction to compression part 1
47-introduction to compression part 2
48-eq and compression in practice part 1
49-eq and compression in practice part 2
50-using the default reverb send
51-class project (outro)

Sample Files:
Present Video
Format : MP4 Video: AVC1, 1280x720p, 60fps, ~2000kbps
Audio: AAC, 48kHz, ~130kbps, 2ch


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