Slate Digital – VMR Virtual Mix Rack Complete VST, VST3, AAX x64

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Mixing strip of your dreams!
VMR 2 allows sound engineers to easily create their dream channel bands using a library full of analog modules. Choose from dozens of modules, including vintage-style equalizers, compressors, amplifiers, filters, preampliers, mixing consoles, and more. But even beyond the sound you can get with VMR 2.0, you also get an added bonus in speed and efficiency due to the fact that the entire data chain is in one convenient window. The VMR 2.0 comes with mix Bundle One, which contains four Slate Digital digital processing modules: FG-401 Compressor, FG-S EQ, FG-161 FET Compressor, and FG-N EQ.
31 modules.

* All 31 modules are included.
* No iLok Driver is required to run.
* Our release loads faster and uses less memory than legit version. FROM R2R:In our last release, we pointed out that 1 legit plugin doesn’t work properly
because of their custom protection. In this v2.6 update, Slate removed their custom cryptographic protection
which cause parameters going mad (you saw we once fixed that ear-killer
protection for CS-EQ!). As a result, the bug of ‘1 legit plugin’ does not
happen anymore. Congrats, legit users! This change has not been listed in the
official changelog – because they din’t know the truth! NOW – It’s time to show the answer. The broken plugin was FG-76. The drive
knob is stepped by “3, 9, 18, 24 …. 70, 76”. In the broken legit version,
crypto was used for that parameter. The (wrong) value will be :KnobInternalValue = 1.0 / 11.0 * StepNumber(from 0 to 11)
DriveValue = 3.0 + ((76.0 – 3.0) * KnobInternalValue(from 0.0 to 1.0))The drive value can be different from its label. Too bad, the presets made
in broken legit plugin may sound different after v2.6. If you used R2R
version, you are safe “A famous audio developer failed finding the audible issue in their flagship
product which they developed, while cracker fixed it without any source code”BTW, VMR has core plugin and 31 modules. ALL modules are currently protected
by MetaFortress. Does it make protection 31 times stronger? If it doesn’t,
they are just wasting computer resources 31 times by the code obfuscation.
If they stop using it, they can save 10+ MB per module and performance will
be noticably improved.


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