Sonible – frei:raum v1.1.3 VST, VST3, AAX x64

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The core of frei:raum is a fully interactive equalizer with the highest quality of mastering . Each band can be used either in a classic mode for manual EQ, or in a unique “smart” mode offering automatic detection and removal of problematic resonances in different frequency ranges…

One step closer please – proximity EQ :
Do you have the correct spectral balance, but some frequency ranges still sound washed out and lack presence? This is where the frei:raum proximity EQ comes into play.
With a few clicks, you can easily adjust the ratio of direct sound to reverb in any frequency range. Use the prxomity EQ to suppress reverb and flexible dereverb, or to increase the natural “diffuse sound” of your recording.
Unlimited (a) tonality – entropy equalizer :
Turn on the pickup sounds and play with the edge of your snare drum! Perfect, nice clean sound, but still not tight enough? Get your hands on the awesome new entropy equalizer! By separating tonal components (such as sustained notes) from inharmonious parts (such as drum attacks), the entropy equalizer can be used to freely adjust the tonal characteristics of your sound at any given frequency.
carefully thought-out interaction :
intuitive operation :
For all those who just want to rely on their ears, frei:raum offers a blind:flug (=blind:fly) mode. The visualization of the EQ graph will be replaced by simple knobs, and you will be able to listen just by turning… without distractions.
Everything’s under control:
frei:raum offers small indicators for each band and multiple solo and bypass options, allowing you to hear and control every aspect of your audio material.

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