Soniccouture – Electro-Acoustic v1.4.4 (KONTAKT) (FULL & UPDATE)

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Distribution updated : replaced with a new version 1.3.0> 1.4.4 (see spoiler New in version )

FULL & UPDATE means that you can download the already updated full version if you install it for the first time or download only the update if there is a previous one.

Drum machine.

We wanted to combine 15 classic drum machines with the organic atmosphere and warmth of studio-recorded drums. We recorded them through high-end microphones, vintage consoles, pre-amps, bass amps. Each drum was recorded through 11 different channels in the studio, which you can mix to get any drum sound you want.

At the heart of Electro-Acoustic’s sound design is the display, which has everything you need to create amazing sounding setups. Play different drum machines for each drum kit part, shape them with 11 studio channels, then get creative with the pitch and envelope controls. Advanced drummers can edit each channel independently

New in version

PLEASE NOTE : This update requires Kontakt 6. This means Electro-Acoustic will no longer load on older projects using Kontakt 5. Please save patches as snapshots before updating so you can easily update old songs.

NEW 1.4.4 – 2020-10-08

PLEASE NOTE: This update requires Kontakt 6 Player. This means tht Electro-Acoustic will no longer load in older projects that use Kontakt 5. Please save EA patches as snapshots before updating, so that you can update old songs easily.

ADDED Features

• Round Robin on / off switches

• Rattle stereo on / off option

• Tool tips

ADDED Improvement

• Poly beats more stable

FIXED Issues

• Bug fixes to Beatshifter




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