Sonokinetic – 80 (KONTAKT)

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80 delivers the never-ending action of classic 1980s television and film scores. Swirling strings, dramatic woodwinds and punchy brass, as well as complementary analog FM synthesizers recorded in the same room.

Requires NI Kontakt Player or Kontakt FULL v6.7.1 or later!

Additional Information
Influences begin with silvestri, goldsmith & carpenter and run deep, conjuring a neo-80s sound from our signature phrase engine. For those who remember macgyver, matlock & magnum pi, this 12gb instrument is packed with authentic orchestraland synth performances. Totally tubular!

44.1kHZ – 24BIT NCW format
~ 24BIT – 30.000+ SAMPLES
~ 24BIT – 13 GB Uncompressed

+ Custom designed interface with score display
+ Time Machine Pro capability
+ Purging system
+ Randomization – whole instrument and per-section

3 recorded orchestral sections
~Orchestral Strings Section (56 players)
~ Orchestral Woodwinds Section (16 players)
~Orchestral Brass Section (22 players)
~ 80s FM SYNTHESIZER (reface DX7)


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